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I'm trying create own extention based on importexport extention. The structure is very similar to importexport module.

File /app/design/adminhtml/default/default/template/importexport/import/form/before.phtml has postToFrame method. formElem.action url is correct on "Check data" pressing. But after "Check data" pressed only loading-mask has showed and nothing happend.

I tried to debug it using firebug. There are not any js answers. Then I set alerts before and after this._submit(); They both showed.

How to debug it then? How to get any anwers from server?

PS1: For example

varienForm.prototype.ifrElemName = 'someID';

And I didn't set or did mistake in the theme template file:

<h4 id="some_ID"><?php echo $this->__('Validation Results'); ?></h4>

If it was jQuery then there would be used follow checking:


or for getting result post:

$.post('/post.php', postdata, function(data){

How I would know about my bug here?

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You can do the exact same things in PrototypeJS


will still alert for you. This will tell you if the element with that ID exists on the page when the javascript fires. If the alert comes back with undefined or null then the element doesn't exist yet.

for a AJAX Post

new Ajax.Request('/post.php',{'method':'post','parameters':postdata,'onSuccess':function(data){

data is a ajax respone object you can get the text of the response in data.responseText or if your response has the Content-Type: application/json set it will automatically be evaluated as JSON and be returned in data.responseJSON.

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It's just example how simple to debug in jQuery. In magento a little bit difficult. For example you cannot get any info does $(this.formId).submit() submitted or not. If you do following code in jquery $(this.formId).submit(); alert("!"); then you dont get an alert. But if you do the same in prototype (or in magento js lib, I don't know does it depend on) you got it... – Anthony Dec 21 '12 at 17:26

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