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What we need to do for using Datasources.groovy in our application?I am trying to install datasources plugin( grails install-plugin datasources in command prompt). But it is not working.

Please help.Thanks in advance

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"It is not working" isn't enough information for anyone else to help you. What have you tried so far, and exactly what error message or other symptoms are you seeing? –  Ian Roberts Dec 21 '12 at 12:27

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As you can see on the Grails plugin repository


Datasources Plugin supported by SpringSource Tags : persistence
Latest : 0.5 Last Updated: 13 marzo 2010 Grails version : 1.1.1 > *

So you should be able to install it on your current application. Maybe its something wrong with the console install, try downloading it and installing it manually.

Good luck!

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