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I enter a value in TextBox or a Combobox, and would like to retrieve the value I have just entered. I see that Selenium Weblement method 'getText()' doesnt retrieve the value, it seems the entered text doesn't get pushed into DOM.

Any Solutions ?

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The getText() method is for retrieving a text node between element tags for example:


getText() will return "Something"

In a textbox typed text goes into the value attribute so you can try something like:


ComboBox is a bit different. But if you're using the Select object you can use the method:

Select selectItem = new Select(findElement("someid")));
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Thanks bob, it works as expected. Why using Firebug the entered text is not getting updated in the value attribute ? – Fazy Dec 22 '12 at 9:06

Try getValue if it is a Text Field or Dropdown box

String lastname=selenium.getValue("//*[@id='lastName']");
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I would say, that this is a feature. Or in another words, this is not possible. The webdriver sees your page more like as if you were browsing through "view source" of your page.

So, this text will be "visible" to webdriver only in cases when you send it to the server and later on server reperesents it in your page (mostly pages like "review your registration data")

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Bob Paulin's answer shows how it's possible. – Ross Patterson Dec 21 '12 at 22:00

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