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I am using the object cache in OrmLite for my Daos to ensure that for each object there is only one instance in my app.

Now I discovered a problem when I restrict the query to select only a subset of the columns. E.g. when I want all IDs that are currently stored in the database. I used the following code to do that.

Dao<Data, String> dao = getDao(Data.class, String.class);
List<Data> dataList = dao.queryBuilder().selectColumns("id").query();

I used this solution for performance reasons because it is a lot faster than querying the whole object.

What is happening now is that those Data objects returned by the query are stored in the objectcache too. So when I do a normal query (without selectColumns) for a Data object after it I get the one from the cache with all other entries null.

Is this a bug?

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We ran into the same issue today and concluded that it is not safe to use selectColumns() in conjunction with object caching.

I'll leave it up to you to decide whether it is a bug, a conceptual issue or a design decision.

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