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My project structure is pretty complex and it is a mix of jsp/js/css files.

in build.js i use 'dir' and 'modules', output folder contains everything starting at baseUrl, it is thousands of files and folders but i need only few build layer files that is specified in 'modules' directive,

is there a way to not to copy non-build layer files into 'dir' folder?

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skipDirOptimize: true

to exclude all non-build layer files. r.js will then only optimize (and copy) the build layers (modules section of your build script).

See the file from the documentation.

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Late answer, but you could try removeCombined option. See

Below is a snippet from above URL

//If set to true, any files that were combined into a build bundle will be
//removed from the output folder.
removeCombined: false,
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