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I'm not sure is it possible to fix it but I have following situation:

I have some DataTable with some data, and I need to prepare chart which use this data. I have read that the only possibility to make dynamicaly any chart in NPOI is to prepare template and only fill excel's cells. But I have some problem:

I can have dynamicaly number of rows of data. So I need to be able to use one template to for example 4 and 7 rows. So I have idea to select more data(in template) and use only part of them but then I have situation like this:

So I need to dynamic change range of chart. Is any possibility to solve my problem?

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Did you find any solution to this? I am having exactly the same issue @Mateusz Rogulski – akd May 20 '15 at 14:36
@akdurmus AFAIR no, but maybe now there are some better libs for that. – Mateusz Rogulski May 20 '15 at 17:10

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