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I would like to take subtotal of table in matlab. If the values of two columns are equal, take the value and add if there is an entry.

If we give an example, Source matrix is as follows.

A = [1 2 3;
1 2 2;
1 4 1;
2 2 1;
2 2 3];

The output would look like this , B = [1 2 5; 1 4 1; 2 2 4];

If the first two columns are equal, sum the third column. Is there a simple way of doing, without having to loop several times? Best Regards, Didem

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You can do this with a combination of unique and accumarray:

%# find unique rows and their corresponding indices in A

%# for each group of unique rows, sum the values of the third column of A
subtotal = accumarray(rowIdx,A(:,3),[],@sum);

B = [uniqueRows,subtotal];
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