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I need the correct way to accomplish this via a vbscript.

This works fine from command prompt:

psexec \\ -u username -p password cmd.exe /c ver > output.txt

From the vbscript:

sTempFile = objFSO.GetTempName
sCmd = "psexec \\" & sIP & " -u " & sDomain & "\" & sUser & " -p " & sPassword & "    cmd /c ver  > " &  sTempFile 

WSHShell.Run sCmd, 1, True

I always get a runtime error: File not found

Thanks, Sam

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I just foundd out it is creating the file on the remote machine. I need it in the local machine. – sam Sep 9 '09 at 12:03

Dont know why but adding cmd /c also before psexec did the trick.

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Use the syntax below : cmd /c ver 2>output.txt

and you are done!

If you want to append the output file

cmd /c ver 2>>output.txt

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