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I have a branch that was developed for a long period of time. During the development default branch was merged into that branch several times. I would like now to review all the changes done on that branch ignoring merges, to decide whether it is safe to merge it to default.

I tried

hg diff -r "branch('myBranch') - merge()"

but it still shows changes introduced by merges. Also tried following this How to show the diff specific to a named branch in mercurial but

hg diff -r "branch('myBranch') - branch('default')"

still bring changes introduced by merges.

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You have to read about revsets syntax

Your case

hg log -r "branch('myBranch') and ! merge()"

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Thanks @lazy-badger, but I'm afraid that produces output not different to hg diff -r "branch('myBranch') - merge()" I still see changes introduced by merges. BTW you meant hg diff -r "branch('myBranch') and ! merge()", didn't you? – Swiety Dec 24 '12 at 7:28
@Swiety 1) log and diff are different commands, TOTALLY DIFFERENT COMMANDS 2) When I wrote log - I wrote log, because you have to get list of changesets and test changes in every changeset in set (more than single diff, diff -c for each revision in set of log) 3) RTFM "Formal Logic": x - y != x and !y !!! (Changesets in x but not in y) != (Changesets in x and not in y) - back to school – Lazy Badger Dec 24 '12 at 11:20
My formal logic isn't great, but in this instance don't x - y and x and !y give the same result? Anything in myBranch that isn't also a merge? – icabod Jan 2 '13 at 13:27

The problem with your commands is that when you perform a hg diff and pass it several changesets, you actually perform a diff between those changesets, hence you will see the merge result.

If you want to see just the changes made by the changesets then you could use export:

$ hg export -r "branch('mybranch') and not merge()"
// lists the changes made by each changeset

For easier reviewing, you can output these to files with names based on the revision/changeset id:

$ hg export -r "branch('mybranch') and not merge()" -o "%H.patch"

... creates a file for each non-merge changeset in mybranch, and outputs it to a file with the name "40-digit changeset id.patch". If you'd prefer the revision number (only useful for your local repository as revision id's are local), use "%R.patch".

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The following uses the log command but with the --patch parameter it can show the modified lines as well:

hg log --branch my-branch --no-merges --patch

Short form:

hg log -Mpb my-branch
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