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I sometimes see keywords starting with two underscores and other times just one. Is there any difference?

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I believe that _declspec is older name of the same Microsoft specific keyword __declspec. From a C++ Standard point of view, two underscores are more correct than a single underscore for an extension like this. That's according to

Certain sets of names and function signatures are always reserved to the implementation:

  • Each name that contains a double underscore (_ _) or begins with an underscore followed by an upper- case letter (2.11) is reserved to the implementation for any use.
  • Each name that begins with an underscore is reserved to the implementation for use as a name in the global namespace.
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Correct. That means you cannot declare a _declspec() function in the global namespace called , but you are allowed to declare a _declspec() method. For that reason Microsoft can't use _declspec as a keyword. –  MSalters Sep 9 '09 at 14:22

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