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I'm wondering whether it's possible to have an incremental variable through a CListView widget? For example I want the first item rendered to contain a param with the value 0, the second item to contain a param with the value 1, the third item to contain a param with the value 2... and so on...

Unfortunately I can't use the item's ID as a unique identifier, what I'm looking for needs to be an incremental value from the first item to the last.

I'm not sure if it's possible to send a dynamic param through something like the viewData property, so that each item rendered has a unique value for a given param?

From what I can see the only unique data each rendered item in the list can have is the data model sent through the dataprovider property? Is this correct?

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You can use $index variable in the CListView.iteView partial. Take a look to the docs:

$index: refers to the zero-based index of the data item currently being rendered.

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perfect! Thanks, +1... why did't I see that! Yii never stops surprising me with its nifty little features heh –  Stu Dec 23 '12 at 13:55
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