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Using IntelliJ 11.1.5, I was having trouble with committing my active changelist to my local Git repository. When I would try to commit, I would observe that though the dialog would come up, clicking commit did nothing, and I would need to play with various configurations of unnecessary subchangelists, committing one file at a time, or unchecking the "optimize imports" and "code analysis" in order to get it to work.

Please note, that this was a somewhat random occurrence, and at other times this wouldn't be an issue. In fact, when I switched to Git GUI or Git Bash the commits worked without incident.

So how do I fix things to be able to use the Git plugin?

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IntelliJ's staff suggested that I invalidate IntelliJ's caches. (File->Invalidate Caches) Every now and again, you should do this to clear out your local caches of Git/SVN to reduce bug occurrences.

Doing this resolved my problem and you should consider to do this, rather than trying to lean on the IDE's local history capabilities too heavily.

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