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I am new to Spring Integration. I have below code. I have placed a text file in one of the folder in my system and I have configured inbound channel adapter as below:

<int-file:inbound-channel-adapter channel="filesInChannel"
    directory="file:${java.io.tmpdir}/input" auto-create-directory="true"  >

    <int:poller id="poller" fixed-delay="1000" />

<int:channel id="filesInChannel"> </int:channel>

My question is from the channel (filesInChannel) how can i come to know the file name including its absolute path?

Ex: my file is located in C:\someFolder\some.txt

from channel i should get above path.

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Look at the API for InboundChannelAdapter –  Raffaele Dec 21 '12 at 15:30

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What do you want to do, once you have the fileName?

The message payload is a java.io.File so you can simply use an expression payload.absolutePath, for example:

   <header name="foo" expression="payload.absolutePath" />
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