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I have a module which i have included into my main class:

module GenericPage

  def check_url=(page)


I create a new instance of my class, which I am calling in Cucumber

require_relative '../../../support/helper_methods'

class FindYourDealerPage
  include GenericPage

  def initialize(browser)
    @browser = browser

def search_location=(location)
  @browser.text_field(:id, 'findDealerSearchField').set(location)
  @browser.send_keys :tab, :enter


    Given /^I am on the find your dealer page$/ do

    @browser.goto ''
    @dealer =

    When /^I select a desired preference$/ do


    Then /^my filtered selection should be submitted$/ do


When this is run I get an error NoMethodError: undefined methodcheck_url' for nil:NilClass` where am I going wrong, forget what is in the method for the moment I just would like to know why I receive this error

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The problem, I think, is here

@dealer =

Notice how you call check_url before you assign @dealer... meaning that @dealer is still nil when you make the method call, and that's why you get a NoMethodError for nil:NilClass.

Also, you currently have def check_url=(page), but you call check_url(page). Depending on what you mean to happen here, you need to change the definition to def check_url(page) or change the call to @dealer.check_url = '' (I suspect the former is more appropriate).

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