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I'm using jQuery validate, and have my errors written to a div, which is working fine. What I want to do is have the div hidden, and when the validation returns any errors, the div shows at the top of the form. I'm not sure of the correct trigger to show the div.

Here's what I have:


    <div id="valwrapper" class="hide">
    Validation Errors<br/><br/>
        <div id="valerrors"></div>


errorPlacement: function (error, element) {

submitHandler: function(){
errorContainer: "#valerors",
//errorLabelContainer: "#valerrors",
//wrapper: "span", debug: true,
onfocusout: false,
onkeyup: false,
onclick: false
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Here is the complete answer. Might as well post it, since I've been working on it.

You will not need errorPlacement: since the plugin automatically handles this for you when you use errorLabelContainer:


    invalidHandler: function() {
    errorContainer: "#valwrapper",
    errorLabelContainer: "#valerrors",
    wrapper: "span",
    onfocusout: false,
    onkeyup: false,
    onclick: false



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Folks, just stupidity on my part. The code should have "invalidHandler" not "submitHandler".

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See my answer which makes a few minor adjustments. For example, you don't need to specify errorPlacement: at all since the plugin automatically uses your errorLabelContainer: option. – Sparky Dec 21 '12 at 17:08

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