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Searching for the answer I found this script here


It can send body of received email as plain text only. In order not to lose data (links) I need to send body in same format as it was received.

Is there a simple change for this script to achieve that?

btw, Later, I need to save linked files (from email) on my server, and replace links in the body with my own.



Somehow i solved the first issue (adding original boundery value in my email), now, i have 3 more to go. This code returns 1 with print_r($urls)

$pattern = '#^http://domain.com/(.*)(\w*)0\b#';
preg_match_all($pattern, $email, $urls);

same code returns empty array with those two outputs:

1 print_r($urls, true)

2 print_r($urls[0], true)

like this:


    [0] => Array

    [1] => Array

    [2] => Array




However, when I test code here, it works like charm

How can I get my values? It will be very nice to have them in a variables, like $url1, $url2...

Can anybody help? (Your time and effort is highly appreciated!)

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I will answer on my question.

Ok, I already solved this. Here is some info if somebody need it...

Regex had an extra ^. Further on I improved pattern like this: "#http://domain.com/([=a-zA-Z\d/-]+)(.|\n|\r)([a-zA-Z\d/-]+)#" This urls have = and that was removed with this line: $var1=preg_replace("#=(.|\n|\r)#","",$var); This is not the best way to go, but it worked. I got my links in array, and later I was able to download files with file_get_contents() and file_put_contents() changing links was easy with str_replace. Everything is done with for loop because number of links in each email was not the same.

Happy Holidays everybody!

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