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I have created a Google form that will tally distances. On the spreadsheet of the form, I used the formula to add all of the distances that are entered. I need to take the data from the "Total distances" cell and apply that to another Google Spreadsheet all together. Is there a way to do this?


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Yes (eg as mentioned here).

Assuming your spreadsheet's key (from the Form) is: 1TvTfgJaH-KpXZm-yfR2vcArcftrmhT8Z-CrIAA40C-w
your sheet name there is: Form Responses 1 and
the cell containing "Total distances" there is: B6 for example:

=importrange("1TvTfgJaH-KpXZm-yfR2vcArcftrmhT8Z-CrIAA40C-w","Form Responses 1!B6")

You should be prompted to allow the connection.

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