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I have the following cursor in PL/SQL:

ID     Team     OrigRank     RegSesRank
7844   XXX      2            8
7854   YYY      1            1

I need to be able to write some kind of an if-else statement to swap the origRank Values IF its RegSesRank is greater than the other RegSesRank

i.e. the above will not change because 7844 has a greater RegSesRank than 7854 therefore OrigrRank should not change, however, OrigRank must be swaped in case 7854 had a greater RegSesRank.

I hope I was clear. Please let me know if you have any questions, and I really really appreciate your help

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Please be aware storing row-relative data in a column violates Relational database normalization. The way you're supposed to do this is with aggregate functions, but since you have not told us what OrigRank and RegSesRank mean I have no idea what to replace them with. – Dour High Arch Dec 21 '12 at 18:39
What are OgiRank and RegsesRank? Without knowing what purpose they serve it may not be possible to give a correct answer. – Joe W Dec 21 '12 at 18:53

I wouldn't solve this problem with an if/else statement in a PL/SQL cursor, because it refers to other rows of the query. Instead, I'd use an UPDATE to change all the origRank to the new value if necessary.

The usual way is a nested UPDATE (SELECT ... FROM mytable JOIN ... ) SET origrank = newrank WHERE origrank != newrank. To give an example, we'd need to know how the new rank is computed as @Joe W and @Dour High Arch pointed out.

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