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I am writing a code for Booth Multiplier in Modelsim. Presently, I am implementing my code in a for loop. In the for loop there are if..else condition that are checking 2 bits at a time of the multiplier.Here I need to do a left shift of the multiplicand but I am unable to do so.

Can anybody please help me and tell how can we do a left shift in modelsim since the shift operators don't work here.

Thank you

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Plz upload your code and add tag vhdl/verilog/etc. I cannot guess any problem with some text. –  Khanh N. Dang Jan 6 '13 at 15:04

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In VHDL a two bit shift looks like this:

shifted := unshifted(unshifted'high-2 downto 0) & "00";
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