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I have a setup with rabbitmq and celery, with workers running on 4 machines with 4 instances each. I have two task functions defined, which basically call the same backend function, but one of them named "process_transaction" with no rate_limit defined, and another called "slow_process_transaction", with rate_limit="6/m". The tasks go to different queues on rabbitmq, slow and normal.

The strange thing is, the rate_limit is being enforced for both tasks. If I try to change the rate_limit using celery.control.rate_limit, doing it with the "process_transaction" gives no result, and using the "slow_process_transaction" name changes the rate_limit for both.

Any idea on what is wrong?

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By reading the bucket source code I figured celery implements rate limiting by sleeping the time delta after finishing a task, so if you mix tasks with different rate limits in the same workers, they affect each other.

Separating the workers solved my problem, but it's not the optimal solution.

You can separate the workers by using node names and named parameters on your celeryd call. For instance, you have nodes 'fast' and 'slow', and you want them to consume separate queues with concurrency 5 and 1 respectively:

celeryd <other opts> -Q:fast fast_queue c:fast 5 -Q:slow slow_queue -c:slow 1
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Looks like I bumped into the same problem. Thanks for the tip. Would be great to find out how exactly did you split your workers/queues if you don't mind sharing... –  gingerlime May 2 '13 at 20:43
I just edited the post explaining how. –  Pedro Werneck May 3 '13 at 17:51
Thanks! much appreciated. –  gingerlime May 3 '13 at 18:07
This doesn't work in celery 3.1: $ celeryd worker -Q:fast fast_queue c:fast ("\nThe 'celeryd' command is deprecated, please use 'celery worker' instead:\n\n$ celery worker worker -Q:fast fast_queue c:fast\n\n",) Unrecognized command-line arguments: worker, fast_queue, c:fast Try --help? –  Aneil Mallavarapu Dec 4 at 15:13
Or, in the non-deprecated usage: $ celery worker -Q:fast fast_queue c:fast 5 -Q:slow slow_queue -c:slow 1 => "Usage: celery worker [options] celery: error: option -c: invalid integer value: ':slow'" –  Aneil Mallavarapu Dec 4 at 15:15

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