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I have tried to solve a simple problem for several hours. I have a collection and here is my code:

var id = $(e.target).data("id");
var permissionModel = this.params.collection.get(id);
    success: function(data) {},
    error: function(data,jXHR) {}

And I have seen that the model is changed but I've got in my symfony controller:

$data = $this->getRequest()->request->all();



I don't understand why.
Can any one help me to find out the problem? Thanks in advance

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Maybe you're looking for the Backbone.emulateJSON = true settings.

Here is what the official documentation has to say:

If you're working with a legacy web server that can't handle requests encoded as application/json, setting Backbone.emulateJSON = true; will cause the JSON to be serialized under a model parameter, and the request to be made with a application/x-www-form-urlencoded mime type, as if from an HTML form.

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Thanks a lot its working now and its that I was looking for –  user1922334 Dec 23 '12 at 18:15

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