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Currently, I have a Wordpress-powered site running on davidandsuzi.com. I'd like to convert this site to essentially be a bunch of static files (none of the site currently needs to be dynamic) hosted on AWS.

From researching online, my big-picture approach was this:

  1. Clone the current Wordpress content to a subdomain, so dev.davidandsuzi.com and davidandsuzi.com are basically mirrors

  2. Use a program called HTtrack to recursively crawl a site and download everything as static HTML files, then upload these to S3.

  3. Somehow start forwarding davidandsuzi.com/* requests to CloudFront

  4. When I add new content, I'll use dev.davidandsuzi.com, re-run HTTrack (should only really change the index and add a new page for the post), and re-upload new files to S3


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Did you had a look into jekyll?

They have some information on how to migrate to it


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Thanks - I hadn't looked into Jekyll before. I'd still have to recreate my templates though, right? And migrate my production Wordpress to something running on my own box, through which I would generate the static flies? –  dchang Dec 27 '12 at 18:04
Yes, that's right –  Everton Yoshitani Dec 28 '12 at 14:34

You might want to give http://octopress.org a shot. It's based on jekyll which has migration gems available for WordPress. I like yourself made the switch in a day and am hosting my site on S3 though you can also host your site for free on Github.

Here's my new Octopress site http://dvogeldev.com and before I forget, all post editing is done in Markdown from a text editor, cya Tinymce ;-)

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