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If I add a font into my FTP for my website, when I am adding in my font, where do I put it in the FTP and how do I use the font with HTML or CSS ?

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do you even try searching? – Jeremy Dec 21 '12 at 20:50
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You can upload the font where ever you want it, you just need to link to the right location. Please see exmaple below for font faces in CSS.

   font-family:'Your Font Name'; 
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So my font is called ( well the download of it is called ) Capture_it.ttf If I wanted to have that in my #header then what would I do? – FancyAlpha Dec 21 '12 at 19:44
Put this at the top of your CSS file...@font-face{ font-family:'Capture'; src:url(http://www.example.com/fonts/Capture_it.ttf); /*This depends where you have uploaded your font */ }.... And then to set it in your header ---> #header {font-family:'Capture'} Please don't forget to tick the answer if this does help. – dev Dec 21 '12 at 19:51
Would the src:url be the website where I got it from which is fontsquirrel.com/fonts/Capture-it ? – FancyAlpha Dec 21 '12 at 19:54
No... the source would be where every you upload your font file too..... e.g. if you upload it to a folder called fonts in the root of your ftp, your src would be /fonts/Capture_it.ttf... it's simply just linking to the right location... like you would with a simple href link. – dev Dec 21 '12 at 19:58
Please don't forget to click the tick when your questions have been answer, you have one outstanding at stackoverflow.com/questions/13995722/… too. – dev Dec 21 '12 at 20:00

I personally recommend use the Font Squirrel Fontface generator for that. You will get something like:

    /* @Fontface */
    @font-face {
        font-family: 'Yourfont';
        src: url('fonts/yourfont.eot');
        src: url('fonts/yourfont.eot?#iefix') format('embedded-opentype'),
             url('fonts/yourfont.woff') format('woff'),
             url('fonts/yourfont.ttf') format('truetype'),
             url('fonts/yourfont.svg#Yourfont') format('svg');
        font-weight: normal;
        font-style: normal;

Using this way you will get a valid option to IE, Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Safari. Later you can use this font like a normal font, using

    div.heading { font-family: 'Yourfont', (othersifyouwant); }
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I do use that, and I got it from here: fontsquirrel.com/fonts/Capture-it So how would I add that into my CSS and my #header? – FancyAlpha Dec 21 '12 at 19:58
You can use that folder scheme, so first of all create a new folder called 'fonts' or something in the folder of you css file. And place there your font/fonts files. Then, add the @font-face code with your font configured, and set up #header { font-family: Yourfont; } – Tunnecino Dec 21 '12 at 20:10

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