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Whenever I open a post for editing and click on the update button to reflect the changes, I end up losing a section of the post. I am running the latest version of wordpress wordpress 3.5

Any hints on where I can start debugging for the issue or is this a bug with the wordpress 3.5 version. I haven't encountered this error on any of the previous releases.

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Start by disabling all of your plugins. –  Rob Dec 21 '12 at 20:03
How much of the post are you losing? From the start? From the end? Are you using more links? Are you using plugins? Are the plugins compatible with 3.5? Jquery went from 1.7 to 1.8 and could possibly an issue if you rely on jQuery. –  Jrod Dec 21 '12 at 20:04
I'm losing almost everything after the 1st paragraph. –  user544079 Dec 21 '12 at 20:08
Are you using a more tag? Posting the link to your site would help. –  Jrod Dec 21 '12 at 20:13
Using the <!--more--> tag has the same effect. However, I tried just editing a post and clicking Update to save it. I end up losing most of the content after the 1st / 2nd <p> tags / paragraphs –  user544079 Dec 21 '12 at 20:18

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