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How do I generate a random string in PL/SQL from a fixed set of characters? For example: I want to generate an alphanumeric string of length 10 which excludes certain characters and digits such as I,O,0 etc. I could not find a way to seed DBMS_RANDOM.STRING() with the required set. Is there a built in way in PL/SQl to do this?


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You could write such a function yourself - function that accepts particular set of characters mixes it up and returns the result. Here is an example. In this example listagg function is used which is available only in Oracle 11G R2 and higher.

  1. Here is the simple function:

    SQL> create or replace function RandomString(p_Characters varchar2, p_length number)
      2  return varchar2
      3  is
      4    l_res varchar2(256);
      5  begin
      6    select substr(listagg(substr(p_Characters, level, 1)) within group(order by dbms_random.value), 1, p_length)
      7      into l_res
      8      from dual
      9    connect by level <= length(p_Characters);
     10    return l_res;
     11  end;
     12  /
     Function created
  2. And here is how it works:

    SQL> select randomstring('1234567abcdefg', 10) res
      2    from dual
      3  connect by level <= 10
      4  /
    10 rows selected
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According to oracle online documentation, there is a SEED procedure for the package


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I tried the seed procedure. It does not work for random string. –  user931518 Dec 21 '12 at 22:17
-1 seeding the random number generator has nothing to do with this question –  Jeffrey Kemp Dec 31 '12 at 23:50

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