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I was wondering:

  • Has anybody already thought about implementing the webdriver-interface for an embedded Javafx 2.0 Webkit Browser or for the new QT5 - Webkit.
  • Has anybody some pointers on some Github/Bitbucket/GoogleCode projects heading in this direction?

Why? This would add another cross-platform browser and hopefully could be headless with a new webkit rendering engine. Right now I am using SafariDriver on MacOSX or ChromeDriver. This kinda works, but chromedriver often bites me, when Chrome does it's autoupdate and breaks the chromedriver.

The project, which comes closest for a headless Webkit implementation (including taking screenshots) is, I think, phantomjs (QT-4.8 webkit) + ghostdriver (webdriver addon for phantomjs as a javascript implementation). Right now phantomjs has it's quirks with fonts and hyphenation (­) rendering.

Testing the QT5 browser examples, the font/shy rendering seems to have been fixed. Now I could either wait for phantomjs to catch up with qt5.

The other idea would be to have Java 7 installed, which includes Javafx 2.0 and implement a WebView which can be controlled by the webdriver-protcol as well. Newer JavaFx 2.0 version contain the possibility to take screenshots of JavaFX scenes, which would be helpful.


Merry Christmas,


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JavaFX WebView currently doesn't support headless offscreen snapshots. The feature request to track for this, vote for or comment on is RT-26571 "Provide support for taking full page snapshots from webviews" –  jewelsea Dec 21 '12 at 20:50
Headsup: Phantomjs 2 is still not ready, JavaFX8 webkit works for me in all tests. No rendering issues. I might go ahead and implement a JavaFX browser with JsonWireProtocol for Selenium. A pure headless JavaFX 8 webengine might be possible with OpenJFX Project Monocle, but not with th current JavaFX8 release. Hopefully Project Monocle will make it in Release 8u26 –  Jan Weitz Mar 31 '14 at 5:07
XPath support in Java FX 8 webengine is broken. This makes the web driver implementation hard. javafx-jira.kenai.com/browse/RT-30698 –  Jan Weitz May 17 '14 at 14:24
One could inject e.g. jquery in the webengine and map the webdriver api on it.But I guess this was kind of the idea of Selenium RC1. –  Jan Weitz May 24 '14 at 0:52

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Yes, I built this: https://github.com/MachinePublishers/jBrowserDriver

It runs headless by default. Snapshots, xpath, and everything else work. No browser is required, just Java 8.

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