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Eclipse is able to find iostream, stdio.h and conio.h

But it is not able to locate Wprogram.h

I am using Indigo on windows8 with CDT. I am able to compile and run a hello world program. I have also linked the AVR directory. Does any one know why eclipse can not locate the header file?

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More details, please. Show us some code, and if you are getting compiler or linker errors, please show the complete error message. Don't paraphrase. Details about your specific platform (OS/compiler toochain, etc) in the form of tags would also help. –  John Dibling Dec 21 '12 at 20:15
Because I am a new member it wont let me add a picture. I tried to post my code and my include paths –  Sam Dec 21 '12 at 20:56
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The header file either doesn't exist or the path to it's directory isn't in the includes path. Check Project -> Properties -> c/c++ build -> Settings -> includes -> include paths and make sure the folder that Wprogram.h is in is included in that list.

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A Google search suggests that Wprogram.h has been renamed to Arduino.h. Try including that file instead.

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Thanks for the help! I added Arduino.h cleaned the project than saved it and rebuilt. However it was not able to find that either. I am also including via paths and symbols C:\arduino-1.0.3\hardware\tools\avr\avr\include C:\arduino-1.0.3\hardware\tools\avr\avr\bin C:\arduino-1.0.3\hardware\tools\avr\bin –  Sam Dec 21 '12 at 21:34
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