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I'm trying to build a mobile (iPhone & Android) HTML 5 app that will be heavily real time oriented. I will be using Socket.IO and Node.js as an accessor for my real time data. I've read/tried alot out there, so here is my current feeling about the products I've tried

  1. JQuery Mobile- Pros: ease of use, no learning curve Cons: No support for real-time, not very "Native" feeling
  2. Sencha Touch- Pros: Easy to create native looking UI, easy integration to real-time js stuff Cons: Extremely poor documentation

These are the two I've tried. I'd love to use Sencha touch, but every problem I run into takes days of trial and error (and SO posts) to get through, I just can't waste the time. Anyone know of either a way I can use JQuery to do real time stuff, or just a better framework?


I did not make clear, there are 2 aspects to what I'm looking for: real-time aspects, but also some UI framework as well

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You can use jQuery/jQMobile in combination with Backbone.js, and Backbone.iobind.js to do real-time updating via socket.io

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JQuery, AngularJs and Twitter Bootstrap. That's what I would use.

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