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I have used JQuery Masonry in following formt: First I build my content in lets say a for loop, like this:

for (var d = 0; d< contentFourSpace; d++)
     box = document.createElement('div'),
     text = document.createTextNode( cFour[d] );   
     box.className = 'contentfour box col first' ;

     box.className = 'contentfour box col' ;
     box.appendChild( text );

Then I hand it over to masonry to render it on page, something like this:

$container.prepend( MainContent ).masonry( 'reload' );

That works fine.

I wonder is the following possible. Lets say I have HTML page with normal content. Within that page I have certain number of DIV's that have some content in them. All of those DIV's are hidden. How can I load those hidden DIV's in Masonry? In other words, those DIV's will be sitting on the page always hidden, how can I send to Masonry for display?

There might be a way where I scan the DIV's and copy them, but that would be much overhead, since I will end up with copies... or I also might cut/copy... but this is not good solution, since I would need to keep track of all the DIV's around.

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Let's say they all have a class of "brick", couldn't you simply use jQuery to show them? $(".brick").show(); Appending them to another div will remove them from the original, no need to copy. – Patrick Jones Dec 21 '12 at 22:23

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