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Given the following Scala in my Play Controller (reduced for the sake of brevity):

object Sample {
     def apply(someArgToBeUsedLater: String) = {
          val success = Map("foo" -> List("Things", "Stuff", "Test"))

I would like to consume the resulting JSON on the Client-side, as follows (JQuery):

     function(data) {
    $( {

while I would this to be a single String that, looking FireBug: the characters appear to be split out: String { 0="T", 1="h", 2="i", more...}

It seems that if I simply iterate using straight JavaScript (not using JQuery each()), then I wouldn't have a problem. Hence, It appears I am simply using JQuery incorrectly. On the other hand, I am relatively new to Scala and I am also wondering if I have correctly constructed the JSON.

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Try $.each(, function(index){ ... })

$('') is a syntax for JQuery selectors to grab a part of a DOM.

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I just tried this: same behavior. Aren't both forms functionally identical? – Ryan Delucchi Dec 21 '12 at 22:32
Sorry. If you are unsure about Scala part, you can try to construct JSON explicitly, as it is specified at "Another way for constructing JSON" in – S. Kucherenko Dec 21 '12 at 23:59

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