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I work with SAP BusinessObjects enterpreise XI Product 12.1.0

I have a Universe which yields fields, among them one has html tags.

I want to remove the html tags and anything within them for that field


  1. Can't create UDF
  2. In custom query it will not accept UDFs
  3. Do not have design access to the universe

The source of the universe is MS SQL Server 10, so no native regexp support is available

I've search a TON on google but i came with answers with UDF which cannot be used.

The field is coming from a webpage so I can't control the content nor modify it before it is stored in the database (I've read only access to the BO universe not the SQL server whatsoever only read-only but via the BO universe)

I'm restricted to whatever BO generates but I can write a custom SQL string. so far it doesn't seem to accept anything other than a select statement

To the extent of my very limited knowledge, views can be generated in the SQL server and not in BO and as stated before, I can only access the content of the data on the server via BO, I won't have access to the server mgmt console nor a BO design mode

I know I could write a replace function for every possible combination of HTML tags but before doing that I'm hoping there is a solution with the above mentioned restrictions

I'm asking if there's a way to write a regex function either in t- SQL or in a BO info view function that could serve for removing HTML tags , like a plaintext() function in access 2007 that can be used directly in queries or in a web analytic report

*update 10-jan-13 Let's say I have two fields

HTMLCode                                |   ID
<table><tr><td>hello</td></tr></table>   | 123123123

I need a function inside a select statement:

 SELECT ID, FunctiontoReplaceHTMLTags(HTMLCode) as FieldwithoutTags FROM ....

In order to have the following reports

FieldwithoutTags |  ID
hello            |123123123

But, it cannot be a stored function, it needs to be a function that can be run inside the SQL statement on the fly without being defined in the SQL Server.

Any help is much appreciated


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It isn't totally clear what you can and cannot do here, can you give some more details about the restrictions you have? You seem to be saying that you can't modify the database or the universe, so exactly what tools do you have to work with? For example, can you remove the tags during your ETL process before it even gets into the database? Can you send your own SQL queries to the database, or are you restricted to whatever BO generates? Can you use a UDF in a view and reference the view in the universe? Etc. –  Pondlife Dec 21 '12 at 21:49
Question has been updated thank you and merry Christmas ! –  Jose R Dec 23 '12 at 14:52

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