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My inaugural post here, hope you all can help. :)

I have been working on creating a pure XHTML strict website no images but the products however I'm in a small jam. I can't seem to find a way to make the a button that appears as such as shown here:

enter image description here

Where it has a hover state, rectangle and currently is

<div class="topprodcartadd"><a href="#">Add to Cart</a></div>

I made a little CSS class that looks like this:

.topprodcartadd {
    width: 190px;
    height: 50px;
    background-color: #000;
    margin: 10px 0px;
    padding:0px 10px 10px 0px;
    float: left;
    text-align: right;
    vertical-align: middle;
.topprodcartadd:hover {
    background-color: #00a7e6;
.topprodcartadd a {
    text-decoration: none;
    color: #00a7e6;
.topprodcartadd a:hover {
    color: #fff;

I want to make it link somehow but in XHTML Strict it gives me validation errors when I rock the code like this:

<a href="#"><div class="topprodcartadd">Add to Cart</div></a>

So does anyone have any other ideas on what I can do to make the button appear that way?


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Please confirm if you need this to be an actual link (having HREF that actually navigates somewhere) or you simple need it to appear as a link (cursor changing into "hand"). Thank you – Yuriy Galanter Dec 21 '12 at 21:57
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Change your CSS for the anchor to:

.topprodcartadd a {
    text-decoration: none;
    color: #00a7e6;
    width: 190px;
    height: 50px;

jsFiddle example

I added display:block and a width and height so that the link takes up all the room in the div.

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OMG thank you very much, that's what I've been missing! – Carlos Z Dec 21 '12 at 22:15

So, if I get your problem right:

1) you can set display: block for a so it fill the parent element.

2) are you sure that you need XHTML Strict?

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Thanks chuwy. It seems like the display: block goes out of control for me sometimes. How would the CSS look inthat case if I did use it? – Carlos Z Dec 21 '12 at 21:59
Yes, I have to use XHTML strict, it is one of the requirements of the client. :( – Carlos Z Dec 21 '12 at 21:59

If you simple need mouse cursor to change into a hand, just add cursor:pointer to your DIV's style, you don't have to use an anchor.

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Except that has absolutely no effect like a real link and is purely cosmetic. – j08691 Dec 21 '12 at 21:52
OP states he needs "a button that appears as such as shown here", it is never said that it has to be a real link that navigates anywhere. – Yuriy Galanter Dec 21 '12 at 21:55
No, the OP said "I want to make it link somehow". – j08691 Dec 21 '12 at 21:56

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