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I want to programmatically get a list of open pull requests for a specific private github repository - ours, as it turns out. I assume I can only do this via the github api (http://developer.github.com/) - feel free to tell me there's another way - but I can't figure out whether the API allows this, either. The given API calls seem to assume the target repository is public, which ours is not. I would have thought there would be a way to authenticate as a user of the given repository via ssh key (the same way committing works), but I don't see anything to that effect. All in all I'm puzzled and not at all sure I can actually do this. Am I missing a crucial part of the documentation, or is there possibly some alternative I can leverage?

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Yes, the GitHub Pull Requests API supports private repos also. You just need to authenticate or you will get an error saying that the repository does not exist.

Example using curl and basic authentication:

curl -u "username" https://api.github.com/repos/:user/:repo/pulls

This will then prompt you for your password and return a list of pull requests as described in the API docs.

Also check out the docs on authentication: http://developer.github.com/v3/#authentication

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Yep, after a good while of experimentation I figured out how to pass an auth token via an HTTP header. Thanks! –  cbmanica Dec 27 '12 at 20:44

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