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I'm not sure how easy this is going to be to troubleshoot/fix, but thought I would try!

I am working on a WordPress installation for a University club. It lives on a school server and is displayed at The site's front-end looks fine and works perfectly.

However, there are some issue with the backend. For example, when logging in via wp-admin, there is a 30 second delay until the dashboard appears. This only occurs when trying to load the based wp-admin page, all other pages, such as wp-admin/post-new.php load fine.

Another strange behavior occurs on the 'all posts' page in the backend. Click on post titles loads them fine, but if I want to advance through the several pages of posts, the urls are incorrect, pointing to the ftp server rather than the site's url.

Below are some things I have tried to fix the problem:

-Deactivated all plugins -Checked site_url and homepage_url in PHPMyAdmin -Removed .htaccess redirects

Can anyone else think of things I can try? This all started occuring after we moved the site's domain to a new url on the school's domain, and I can't figure out what's wrong! I am hesitant to perform a clean reinstall as it seems this might be more of a server issue than a files issue.



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¿What do you mean with pointing to the ftp server rather than the site's url, does the url start with "ftp"? – Felipe Alameda A Dec 22 '12 at 4:26
What I mean is that when I hover over these links, the base url for the ftp server is displayed + whatever pagination, i.e. The base url is the same as the ftp address, but with http:// prefixing it. – Elliott Bowles Dec 22 '12 at 8:21
With this plugin velvet-blues-update-urls you could correct those links, but it seems they were placed intentionally pointing somewhere in the system path. I don't think it's a server problem, but I am just guessing, though. – Felipe Alameda A Dec 22 '12 at 8:29

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