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I'm starting a new back office scheduling app for a doctor's office. .Net 3.5. I'm trying to save time and money. Can anyone recommend a suite of tools (Infragistics, etc) that are best of breed for a scheduling application? More advanced than that, if anyone has a codebase they are willing to share or sell the base of, I would be interested in talking...

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I've used DayPilot Pro in the past - and it did a decent job. I think we had originally started out with the Lite version - but at some point needed to upgrade to the Pro version to pick up a feature that we needed.

It's not as pretty as some of the other scheduling controls (Infragistics, Telerik, etc) - but it did the job well enough for the price. If given another project that did scheduling, I wouldn't have a problem using this again.

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If they already are running SharePoint or Exchange 2007, that might be a good place to start. Especially the Exchange angle.

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