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I am currently having issues when trying to store a 16bit number coming from the input of my module into one of my logic variables. When I set all the bits high in my test bench I get a value: 0000000000000001. Hope you can help! PS: Sorry, dont know how to insert code on here....

My code is shown below:


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I think your problem is likely with this line:

regy = (!regy)+1;

regy is a 16-bit value. Using the negation operator (!) on a multi-bit value is equivalent to (value != 0). So for any value of regy other than zero will set regy to 1.

If you are trying to invert all the bits and add 1, you need to use the ~ operator.


regy = (~regy)+1;
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~x + 1 is a twos complement inversion which could be written as -x –  Morgan Dec 22 '12 at 23:44

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