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I'm trying to authenticate a user on Dropbox using a generic class for OAuth. It seems that Dropbox is not returning the token-secret like the API says.

private CommonsHttpOAuthProvider mOAuthProvider;
private CommonsHttpOAuthConsumer mOAuthConsumer;

mOAuthConsumer = new CommonsHttpOAuthConsumer(mConsumerKey, mConsumerSecret);
//mConsumerKey and Secret are provided by Dropbox

mOAuthProvider = new CommonsHttpOAuthProvider(
mRequestTokenEndpointUrl, mAccessTokenEndpointUrl, mAuthorizationWebsiteUrl);

String url = null;
try {
    url = mOAuthProvider.retrieveRequestToken(mOAuthConsumer, mCallback);
}catch(Exception e){}

The API says that url should now contain the token/token_secret pair. However, the url looks like this:

Am I doing something wrong?

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Looks like you're using the oauth-signpost library. The URL you get isn't to retrieve the token and secret. Rather, you must use that URL to launch a browser window to let the user authenticate himself. To retrieve the token and secret returned by DropBox, you must do this:

String url = null;
try {
    url = mOAuthProvider.retrieveRequestToken(mOAuthConsumer, mCallback);

    //Retrieve token and secret here
    String token = mOAuthConsumer.getToken();
    String secret = mOAuthConsumer.getTokenSecret();
catch(Exception e){}

You can then launch the browser window with the URL you got from the call to retrieveRequestToken(), for example:

startActivity(new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, Uri.parse(url)));

One tip though, please make sure you save your request token and secret before launching the browser window (I suggest saving them in SharedPreferences) because once you exit your activity, your mOAuthConsumer instance will be lost. You will then have to recreate mOAuthConsumer and set the request token and secret you retrieved in order to then retrieve the ACCESS token and secret.

Good luck!

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