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I am using Mocha programatically as described here:


Very similarly to how the examples are written:


var Mocha = require('mocha');
var mocha = new Mocha();
mocha.run(function() {});

Inside the test spec, I am spinning up a headless browser to run the test on a specific url:


var Browser = new Browser();
browser.visit(url, function(){});

Is there a way to pass the desired url from test-runner.js to spec.js?

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In your spec file, you can require a module that contains the configurations for those tests:

var url = require('./config.js').url;
describe("blah", function(){

This config module could also be set from the initial mocha tests (e.g.):

var Mocha = require('mocha');
var mocha = new Mocha();

var config = require('./config.js');

mocha.run(function() {});

Check out this related SO regarding node modules being singletons.

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