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My javascript code:

    function replace(code){
            var textbox = $("textbox[name=textbox]");

            var len = $(textbox).val().length;
            var start = $(textbox)[0].selectionStart;
            var end = $(textbox)[0].selectionEnd;

            var sel = $(textbox).val().substring(start, end);

            var replace = '['+code+']' + sel + '[/'+code+']';

            $(textbox).val($(textbox).val().substring(0,start) + replace +

This firebug error:

ReferenceError: invalid assignment left-hand side $(textbox).val() = $(textbox).val().substring(0,start) + replace +

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$(textbox).val($(textbox).val().substring(0,start) + replace +
        $(textbox).val().substring(end,len); //<-- here

you have a semi-colon. remove that semi colon.

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worked in this way: $(textbox).val($(textbox).val().substring(0,start) + replace + $(textbox).val().substring(end,len) //<-- here ); Thanks kennypu –  Dean Brandon Dec 21 '12 at 23:53

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