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I am reading a file which contains approx 1200 words in the following format:


I need to find how many keywords are there in that text file, by keyword i mean:

zen fix we sin ben six he bin

Right now I am trying to do it with RegExp like this:

var s:String = "words:b:sa:/zenb:/fixx:/wew:/sina:/benb:/sixx:/hew:/bin";
var pattern:RegExp = /:/+/g;
var results:Array = s.match(pattern);

Its producing an error, since I am a beginner I really don't understand how this RegExp work , are there any alternate methods to get the same results?


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Your var pattern:RegExp = /:/+/g; has a syntax error, you skipped a backslash \ change this to :

var pattern:RegExp = /:\/+/g;

and it should work, Alternatively with this format you can use the String split method to get the total word count. Try this:

var s:String = "words:b:sa:/zenb:/fixx:/wew:/sina:/benb:/sixx:/hew:/bin";
var wordCount:Number = s.split(":/").length -1;
trace( wordCount );

Hope that works.

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COOL!!! Works like a charm. Thanks –  Iza Dec 22 '12 at 0:15
    import flash.display.Sprite;

    public class CountWordsExample extends Sprite
        public function CountWordsExample()
            // 8 7 0

        public static function countWords(words:String, delimiter:String, 
                                          countBlanks:Boolean = false):uint
            var result:uint;
            var wordPointer:int = -1;
            var delimiterPointer:int;
            var delimiterLength:uint = delimiter.length;

            if (words.length >= delimiterLength)
                    delimiterPointer = wordPointer;
                    wordPointer = words.indexOf(
                        delimiter, wordPointer + delimiterLength);
                    if (countBlanks || 
                        // we moved by more characters, then the length of
                        // delimiter
                        wordPointer - delimiterLength > delimiterPointer) 
                while (wordPointer > -1)
            return result;

Here's an example of how to count words without ever creating additional arrays or sub-strings of the original string. It also verifies that the words counted have at least one character length.

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