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this one should be simple ,

in this JsFiddle (the link below, it's my first JsFiddle setup , great tool!),

I am trying to implement a new jQuery ui : draggable, droppable and sortable list , so this gui will be the setup of my new custom made : Sql CRUD via Ajax Capable - GridView

This fiddle shows the first stage, where user selects a table to work with .

what I need to know is, ( i lack experience both jquery + ui)

... how do I pass the results of chosen list items to next stage(new function) ?

I'll be happy if someone with free time could help on this thanks.

Link1 : project-result - JQuery Ui

Link2 : Fiddle - http://jsfiddle.net/rhW7C/46/

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Instead of keeping those in a hidden field, you can keep add in some Javascript object array. That could be passed as a parameter.


 var omittedItems=[];
 //check if the object already exists if not push
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hey , i thought of it nice one , could you please give some broader code example , or add one more step so i could connect it in my code and continue with that logic . –  LoneXcoder Dec 22 '12 at 3:28

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