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IIS, quad core, 2gb ram, 100mbs port. (It's not a live site yet, so there's no bandwidth use.)

If I download the same file at the same time I get another 900kBps. I'd like to know if there's a way to download a single file and max my connection. Speed test on VPS is 70/70 mbps. I'm in Chicaog, VPS in Dallas. Bit rate throttling does nothing. It uses VMWare and I was told that VMware does no throttling.

So basically I'd like to download a single file maxing out my connection. I've heard download managers can do that but I'd like to host and stream HD video mp4 at a high bit rates but it only give me 900kBps. If the mp4 is encoded at 12mbps and the VPS uploads at 70mbps at speedtest . com, why is it only 900kBps I'm receiving?


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