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Hey I'm making a small project and I would like to use a JSON style database service where I can set and get parts of the JS object. I would like this to be completely on the front end and not require any server technologies. It dosent need to be secure as its just a hobby project. Security is a bonus.

I'm currently using HTML5 local storage.

I'm happy to pay for this as a service.

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Check out It's in beta though. – Pete Dec 22 '12 at 2:54 looks good. – etoxin Dec 22 '12 at 3:06
I'm really surprised that this is the only one out there. – etoxin Dec 22 '12 at 3:06
update: I ended up using It has CORS enabled which was exactly what I needed. – etoxin Mar 24 '14 at 12:24

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up vote 6 down vote accepted does not have free plan.

Direction to go seems to select NoSQL db like MongoDB or CouchDB, and then search/compare for db as service providers.

Quick search gives 10 Online Storage APIs That is file oriented APIs

  • Adobe Share: Recently released online document sharing service from Adobe with a REST-based API that integrates with Flash, AIR and non-Adobe applications.
  • Amazon S3, Simple Storage Service: Probably the best known storage API and a key element of Amazon’s pay-as-you-go infrastructure services.
  • The “Box Enabled” platform offers a choice of SOAP, REST or XML-POST APIs. Below is Fireloader, a Firefox extension which allows you to upload, and download photos, files and videos using a familiar FTP like interface. In this version Flickr, Picasa, and Youtube are supported.

  • Cellblock: This multimedia sharing service offers a REST-based API.

  • MoveDigital: File delivery and management services geared towards large files.
  • Nirvanix: A newer entrant into this space, focused scalable, secure storage through their Storage Delivery Service (SDS). See their feature comparison vs. S3.
  • Omnidrive: A well regarded REST-based API which has been used for a variety of interesting commercial integrations including direct access from Zoho.
  • Open XDrive: AOL offers this storage serviced using a JSON-RPC protocol.
  • Openomy: Experimental online storage service started in 2005 (although a quick check of this service over this past week indicated leaves some question about its current operating status).


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Currently the firebase has the free plan – przemek Mar 17 at 7:24

You may also want to check out Its a lightweight server-side JSON ORM that doesn't require you to develop any server-side code and works with any DB.

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