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I'm using KKInput from kobold2d to do some drag and drop using the panning Gesture recognizer. When the iphone is flat on the table it works perfectly, but if I tilt the phone towards me the translation seems completely wrong and no longer behaves normally, in fact it seems to think my IPhone is upside down I think.

Am I doing something wrong?

Sample code:

if([input gesturePanBegan])
        for( CCSprite* item in self.View.children )
            bool result = [input isAnyTouchOnNode:item touchPhase: KKTouchPhaseAny];
            if (result)
                itemPanning = item;
                originalPostion = item.position;

        CCLOG(@"%f y translation %f x translation", input.gesturePanTranslation.y , input.gesturePanTranslation.x);
        if(itemPanning != NULL)
            [itemPanning setPosition:ccp(input.gesturePanTranslation.x + originalPostion.x, originalPostion.y)];
            if(input.gesturePanTranslation.x > 70)
                [View Select: [itemPanning tag]];

                SelectAttackCommand * command = [SelectAttackCommand new];
                command.SelectedAttack = [itemPanning tag];

                itemPanning = NULL;

    else if(![input gesturePanBegan] && itemPanning != NULL)
        itemPanning = NULL;
        [View Open];
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This is an answer, but maybe not the best one. In KKInputGesture, under handlePanGesture, the values for translation is calculated as follows:

gesturePanTranslation = [panRecognizer translationInView:glView]; gesturePanTranslation = [self convertRelativePointToGL:gesturePanTranslation];

the second call here translates a value based on the orientation of the device. this may be fine for some scenarios, but in my case it wasn't needed so I commented it out, now my translation values are always correct regardless of how I tilt the IPhone.

I may be missing something here though, so I don't want to mark this as the answer just yet.

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I have commented out gesturePanTranslation -- = [self convertRelativePointToGL:gesturePanTranslation]; -- and it still doesn't solve my identical problem... huh? –  Clever Feb 3 '13 at 1:57
Tilting phone still breaks your panning? –  AwDogsGo2Heaven Feb 3 '13 at 3:06
Yea. I think it may be a problem with how I make changes to my objects according to the pan. see: stackoverflow.com/questions/14668685/… if you want to help. –  Clever Feb 3 '13 at 15:07

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