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I have problems understanding the statement low in coupling and high in cohesion. I have googled and read a lot about this, but still finding it hard to understand.

To what i understand is High cohesion means, that we should have classes that are specialized to perform a particular function. Hope this is correct ? Like a credit card validation class, which is specialized to validate credit cards only.

And still don't understand what low Coupling means ?

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For a more detailed explanation, you can prefer to the answer from this post Cohesion & Coupling –  Infinity Dec 22 '12 at 7:08

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what I believe is this:

cohesion refers to the degree to which the elements of a module/class belong together, suggestion is all the related code should be close to each other, so we should strive for high cohesion and bind all related code together as far as possible. It has to do with the elements within the module/class

coupling refers to the degree to which the different modules/classes depend on each other, suggestion is all modules should be independent as far as possible, that's why low coupling. It has to do with the elements among different modules/classes

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Long story short, low coupling as I understood it meant components can be swapped out without affecting the proper functioning of a system. Basicaly modulize your system into functioning components that can be updated individually without breaking the system

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Isn't that the same as High Cohesion ? –  user1315906 Dec 22 '12 at 7:11

Low coupling is in the context of two or many modules. If a change in one module results in many changes in other module then they are said to be highly coupled. This is where interface based programming helps. Any change within the module will not impact the other module as the interface (the mean of interaction ) between them has not changed.

High cohesion- Put the similar things together. So a class should have method or behaviors to do related job. Just to give an exaggerated bad example: An implementation of List interface should not have operation related to String. String class should have methods, fields which is relevant for String and similarly, the implementation of List should have corresponding things.

Hope that helps.

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Low Coupling and High Cohesion is a recommended phenomenon.

Coupling means to what extent various modules are interdependent and how the other modules are affected on changing some/considerable functionality of a module. Low coupling is emphasized as the dependency has to be maintained low so that very least/negligible changes are made to other modules.

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