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Recently I am working on Contiki and cc2530dk.

What I want to do is to run Contiki on cc2530dk. As far as I know, I need to make a hex file, and then burn it to cc2530dk. However, I meet trouble in making a hex file for hello-world.

I download InstantContiki-2.6, and run in VMware. Then I changed directory to contiki-sensinode-cc-ports from here.

I can run make in examples/hello-world/. But I don't know how to create hex file. I tried:

make TARGET=cc2530dk

but failed. I got Error:

make: sdcc: Command not found
make: *** [obj_cc2530dk/rimeaddr.rel] Error 127

What I want to do is: run contiki on cc2530dk.

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EDIT: Thanks for @Daniele, I installed SDCC successfully. – Dle Kin Dec 24 '12 at 4:29
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You must install the Small Device C Compiler (SDCC). To do that, follow this guide from Contiki wiki.

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Excuse me~ your link for "this guide" is "Down for maintenace". I think you are talking about the guide of installing SDCC. And When I type: sdcc -v. There is some imformation, but I don't read it carefully. I will check it soon whether or not I installed SDCC. Thank you! – Dle Kin Dec 23 '12 at 2:43

Check with cmd sdcc -v. If it does not give like below:

SDCC : mcs51/pic16/hc08 3.1.1 #7100 (Aug  5 2013) (Linux) 

Then, install SDCC and then build tool chain.

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