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Please let me know the process to configure my custom domain ( with SSL. If i do follow the below process, Does it guaranteed to be secure my application? As i know that the process Google gives us... "" in this doc, i found the process is below to Activating heading.

And also please let me know that "Is it free of cost?"

Any reply can welcome, Thanks in advance.


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  1. Theres nothing special about java here. Enabling SSL is always the same on GAE, regardless of the language used.
  2. SSL on is always available and free of charge.
  3. SSL on custom domains costs money. The connection itself is secure (if you use a valid certificate and keep this secret). However its up to your application to enforce the usage of SSL, and doing the whole other security related stuff.
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It's free to enable. Add the secure:always line in your configuration file (app.yaml):

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