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Im having a hard time wrapping my idea into text so basically this is how i want to do this

i have form.html once completed it tells the user thanks for filling out and goes back to the home page. then the data taken using php posts the data to gallery.html where their pic and info are posted

how do i go about accomplishing this? how do i post it to a specific location in gallery.html? you dont need to all my work its just i cant seem to find it on here or anywhere else it might be really simple thanks in advance

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Your best bet would be to setup a simple database to store the data in, making sure that you are using safe practices for data insertion into the database. And then on the gallery page you can call a specific id from the url to display the proper data. Like gallery.php?profile=5

On the gallery.php page it would query the database looking for id #5 and get all the data out of it the database and echo it on the page.

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You are wrong in understanding how php works , Here are the mistakes that I could identify in your posting ,

your calling a webpage as gallery.html , but without .php extension , Apache wont call php interpreter when it receives a request , so to accomplish this you need to rename this to gallery.php .

to accomplish your task

here is the approach

1 > in your form.html page set attribute of form tag action=store.php method = post

2 > within store.php connect to mysql database and store all data in mysql data base , after successfully storing data display a thank you message and redirect to home page

3 > in your gallery.php file based on the requested id display the profile

NOTE : - you need to design your database in mysql with a table and column to store profile details

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sorry ya im low on time its a project formyself and i wanted to get it out ive only barely read a book on it to be honest thank you for your help –  Jerkyace Dec 22 '12 at 9:12
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  • User fills in the form
  • User clicks submit
  • Form data will go for processing to a page, say thanks.php


  • Collect form data
  • Store it in database
  • Redirect to homepage.php after successful insertion


  • Show message saying 'Thank you for filling out the form'
  • Give a link in this page to view the details of user
  • Something like this <a href=gallery.php?rowid=<?php echo <insert primary column value here from database>?">View Profile</a>


  • Grab the id using $_GET $rowid = $_GET['rowid'];
  • Use $rowid in WHERE clause of your database query $q = "SELECT * FROM <tablename> WHERE <primary key column name> = '".$rowid."'";
  • Use the returned set to show that particular user's data.
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Explain the downvote please. Let me know what I did wrong here –  asprin Dec 22 '12 at 8:03
2nd answer with SQL injection in a row. –  Your Common Sense Dec 22 '12 at 8:04
Oh cmon, This is workflow example. This is what the OP asked for. I'm afraid you're nitpicking here –  asprin Dec 22 '12 at 8:05
Your rock thank you i wouldnt of guessed using a database i guess –  Jerkyace Dec 22 '12 at 9:12
well i spent 2 days and 6 hours later im just gonna do it all manually i wont get alot of posts either way fucking database wont do shit –  Jerkyace Dec 24 '12 at 4:24
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