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I'm using copy to import a csv file into postgres, one of the fields contains a time value in HH:MM:SS formate. I want to be able to set this to a TIMESTAMP field, I've looked through lots of documents but I'm struggling to work out what field type to set it to. I see lots of reference to creating fields with timezones or not, a date etc, not really what I'm after. The ultimate aim is to create reports based on time intervals, e.g. all data between 00:00:00 and 06:30:00 etc

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A timestamp in postgres is date and a time combined. For times only use the type time or time with time zone.

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Not only in Postgres, I'd say. –  leonbloy Dec 22 '12 at 11:41

Here is an example:

  rowid bigint NOT NULL,
  time_field time without time zone,
  CONSTRAINT table01_pkey PRIMARY KEY (rowid)

And here is an file example:


You can importe this last file to table01 using copy command like this:

COPY table01 from 'c:/tmp/table01.txt' with csv

Considerning that the file named table01.txt located at : c:/tmp/ folder.

Reference: copy

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