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I'm new to camel.

I want to add following proxy route to soap service as run time.

from("cxf://http://localhost:8081/CentrelServer/NewWebService?" +                        
                    "serviceClass=com.vnitt.webservice.axis.NewWebService" +
                    "&serviceName={http://axis.webservice.vnitt.com/}NewWebService" +
                    "&portName={http://axis.webservice.vnitt.com/}NewWebServicePort" +
                            process(new Processor() {

                public void process(Exchange arg0) throws Exception {
                    System.out.println("code run here");


In the above code i want clientService point to a soap service at address: http://localhost:9091/Client/NewWebService

I don't know how to create EndPoint clientService.

Please help me.


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There are some decent examples in the official docs.

This example (taken from the docs above) for instance (given you can configure this in spring).

<cxf:cxfEndpoint id="serviceEndpoint" address="http://localhost:9000/SoapContext/SoapPort"
        xmlns:s="http://apache.org/hello_world_soap_http" />

or stright in the DSL route:

to("cxf://http://localhost:9000/SoapContext/SoapPort?" +                        
                "serviceClass=org.apache.hello_world_soap_http.Greeter" +
                "&serviceName={http://apache.org/hello_world_soap_http/}SOAPService" +
                "&endpointName={http://apache.org/hello_world_soap_http/}SoapPort" +

It should be rather straight forward to substitue your target web service settings in this config. You need to generate Java classes etc for this code though.

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